Please remember to pray our station prayer . . .

Almighty Father, help us to love You with all our heart, mind and strength. Please accept our offerings of our work, programs and sacrifices that all may listen, love and share the beauty of Thy Church. May we always have a zeal for souls - one set ablaze in Your love. Please allow us to grow in Your grace and help others to turn to You for Your infinite mercy and to dwell anew in the life of Your sacraments.


Changing your station will change your life!

Today's best catholic radio . . .

St. Gabriel's Communications, LTD.

Channel 88.1 FM


We welcome you and your family to join us every day to listen to Channel 88.1 FM - to grow in your Catholic faith.
​Let us use this awesome tool of Catholic radio to spread God's message and to bring the truth of His Church into everyone's homes, cars, work places and most importantly - their hearts.

St. Gabriel's Communications, LTD

Channel 88.1 FM