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Women of Grace                                        800-585-9396
Take Two with Jerry and Debbie             800-585-9396
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Reasons for Faith                                       888-526-2151
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Saint Gabriel's Communications, LTD., was the long time dream of our founder, Father Harold Cooper, and reflects his perseverance in delivering orthodox Catholic communications to encourage evangelization for all the faithful
within the listening area.

​Channel 88.1 broadcasts a radio message that profoundly adheres to the Gospels, the Beatitudes,
and the Tradition of the Roman Catholic Church and the teachings of the Magisterium, while being delivered by our broadcast media each and every day, 24 hours a day.
The listeners are exposed to topics of concern and interest from around the world and receive a wellspring of local awareness regarding parish, school and community activities.
​Never, more than today do our listeners need to hear internationally recognized theologians, philosophers, commentators, and clergy speak the truth that is the One, Holy, and Catholic and Apostolic Church, created by Jesus Christ and flawlessly though over the millennia. Our listeners, who tune in via radio, internet or mobile device, form their consciences by these same profound and powerful messages. This insightful dream of Father Harold Cooper is a direct response to the call of the late Holy Father, John Paul II, for a New Evangelization.

​Channel 88.1 is able to provide our listeners with quality programming from our affiliate EWTN and locally.


Ponca/Sioux City


Storm Lake

“I am very grateful to have Catholic Radio available to me. I can’t send money often to help support but I love Catholic Radio!!”

KFHC Radio listner

We welcome you and your family to join us every day by listening to Channel 88.1 FM - to grow in your Catholic faith. 

​Let us use this awesome tool of Catholic radio to spread God's message and to bring the truth of His Church into everyone's homes, cars, work places and most importantly - their hearts.


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